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Review: Cat Tales: True Stories of Kindness and Companionship with Kitties


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You know that any book published by National Geographic is going to feature gorgeous photos, and Cat Tales: True Stories of Kindness and Companionship with Kitties certainly delivers in that respect. This lovely collection of stories about awesome, caring, adventurous, hardworking and curious cats is sure to delight anyone who loves cats.

You may recognize some of the cats in this book. There’s Didga, the skateboarding cat, Tama the railroad station cat, and Corduroy, one of the oldest living cats in the world. There’s a deaf cat who has learned to communicate with her human via sign language. There’s Snorri, who steals flip flops. And there’s Millie, a rock climbing kitty.

In addition to the stories, the book features just for fun sections that dig a little deeper into some aspects of the tales, and ask an expert sections featuring veterinarian Dr. Gary Weitzman, who answers questions you may think of while you’re reading.


The book is marketed as a children’s book aimed at ages kindergarten through 12, but I actually didn’t even realize that it wasn’t written for adults until I started writing this review. This beautifully designed book is a little treasure trove for cat lovers of all ages.

Cat Tales is available from Amazon and everywhere books are sold.

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Craft (Felted Fossil Stones)


Perhaps not the usual photography I post here but I’ve been quite busy making. These are a few of the wet felted ‘fossil stones’ I’ve been working on lately (they also double as pin cushions!). The gastropod and trilobite forms have been needle felted onto the rocks near the end of the wet felting process. Lots of fun to make.  : )


© Karen McRae, 2017



We’re Sponsoring a Shelter Dog Kennel!

Thanks to your purchases in our PawZaar store, we’re so excited to announce that the PawZaar community is sponsoring a dog kennel (and a cat kennel) at the Animal League of Texas for the next…

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After the (Freezing) Rain

glazedflora1An ice crowned seed head from my garden.



Tiny icicles on the brink of melting away.




Mosaic patterns forming on the flora as the ice crowns begin to surrender to the warmth of the sun.

glazedflora7How quickly we can shift here from powdered snow, to rain, to freezing rain and back again.

© Karen McRae, 2017

Moving under Trees

Moving under trees dressed for autumn – leaves at dusk lit by streetlight.


Colour sketches with a camera

I think I’ll attempt this technique again as the composition (or something) in these images is lacking but I sort of dig this not-so-subtle colour combination.

© Karen McRae, 2016